An Overview of Rhinoplasty Surgery and its Tenets


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure done to correct the defects on the nose. It is also called as “nose job” in common terms. An experienced plastic surgeon that specializes in cosmetic surgery is licensed to carry out surgical procedures on the nose to correct its shape and size.

The surgeon takes into account various factors before finalizing on the appropriate changes that need to be done. He has a very delicate job of balancing the proportions of the nose to its surrounding facial features while achieving the desires of the patient.

Nose is the most prominent feature on any face. Slightest defect on any part of the nose will make the person self-conscious about his shortcomings and create an uneasy feeling in the social situations. Majority of the people want to correct a minor defect on their nose while maintaining its natural look.

Nasal surgery or restructuring helps in improving the appearance of the nose by matching its contours to the overall facial traits and the personality of the person. The surgeon suggests various measures to the patient to make his nose more in-line with his overall personality.

A Rhinoplasty surgery is carried out by accessing the inner bony part of the nose and making changes there to bring the desired shape and size. The doctor may make use of implants and other methods to bring the end result.

A successful and highly skilled surgery is one which does not leave any mark of operation through scars or exhibits an unnatural nose with laser-sharp perfection on all aspects. A natural looking nose is one which looks beautiful and complimenting to the face. There may be minute defects which only add to the uniqueness of the nose and does not steal away the beauty.

When a highly skilled surgeon performs a nose job he will take a conservative approach which brings many complements to the patient on his improved attractiveness and appearance.


Who is a good candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Most people think of getting a Rhinoplasty surgery that have defects in their nose. But, there are a few who are obsessed with looking perfect and can take this obsession to a very high level. They keep consulting surgeon after surgeon for improving their nose and making it perfect.

Multiple surgeries will lead to a decrease in the body’s ability to heal quickly and maintain the shape and size. The cartilages and tissues grow weaker and weaker due to the surgical stress put on them frequently. This will ultimately lead to weakening of the facial muscles and leading to further complications.

A good candidate for Rhinoplasty surgery is one that requires slight changes in his nasal appearance to correct a hump, bump or crookedness while maintaining the natural and unique contours of his nose.

A reasonable and rationally thinking individual will not expect his surgeon to create a picture perfect nose and will ask to make minor changes to his nose. Reasonable expectations are a sure-shot way to have a perfect nose job at the first instance.

Self-testing questions for assessing your

The above questions will help you assess your level of self-worth and maturity in life. It is not wrong to get a cosmetic surgery done to look and feel good about you, but obsession to look perfect will create lot of problems as your life progresses.


How Can I Prepare for a Successful Nose Job?

Rhinoplasty surgery requires a good understanding between the surgeon and the patient. The surgeon tries to get the results which are expressed through the desires of the patient. It is of vital importance that both are on the same page when discussing what is required as the end result.

During the consultation sessions the doctor will ask many questions to the patient. Most important ones are the medical history. The patient has to disclose all the information without hiding anything. Keeping secrets during these sessions may prove fatal to the patient’s life during the surgery.

Any medication currently being taken, past surgeries, allergies, health issues and sicknesses should be disclosed honestly to the doctor. This will enable him to take proper precautions during the surgery and complete the procedure smoothly without any complications.

After fixing the date for surgery, the patient has to block out at least two weeks for the surgery and recovery period. The operation will be completed within a few hours but the patient has to take complete rest of one or two weeks before gradually getting back to normal life.

The patient has to consume healthy food and avoid smoking and drinking for a few weeks prior to surgery. The body will flush out the toxins and prepare itself for the surgery. Any dosage of blood-thinning agents should be avoided from a few weeks prior to the surgery. The same will be advised by the surgeon.

Consuming fresh food with lots of vegetable and fruits is recommended before and after the surgery. Maintaining a good hygiene and a clean surrounding is essential to keep any infections at bay.

On the day of surgery, the patient has to be present at the clinic at least an hour or two in advance to get used to the atmosphere. No makeup or lotions should be applied on that day. During the procedure he has to maintain his calm and trust the surgeon and his instructions.

After the surgery is completed and the patient regains consciousness he is given many instructions which have to be followed properly. All the medications should be taken regularly and the recommended rest should be taken without straining the nasal walls with any strenuous activity.

The recovery period is as important as the surgery itself. The patient has to take utmost precautions during the first week after surgery. The body’s immunity is low during this period and there are high chances of catching infection. The surrounding of the room should be kept clean and it should be well ventilated.

The patient should keep cleaning the insides of his nostrils with sterilized cloth without blowing the nose. Since the inner nasal walls are still healing they may rupture and start bleeding due to blowing. He should not let blood, mucus and other fluids accumulate in the nostrils or nasal cavities. This may lead to crystallization and further complications while healing.


Closing Remarks on Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty has been helping thousands of people worldwide correct the defects on their nose and enhance their beauty. Due to the advancements in the field of medical technology the surgeon today are able to simulate the procedure digitally and get feedback from the patients before operating on them physically. This leads to a greater satisfaction level in the patients as they know they will get the nose they desire.

If you are unhappy with the shape and size of your nose it is high time to consult a reputed cosmetic surgeon and describe your desires to him. He will help you get the nose you desire and feel great about yourself for the rest of your life.

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